The main production of fresh noodles,noodles,frozen moisture surface, three categories of products

Shanghai Traditional Food Co. Ltd. was founded in March 2000, registered capital of 3 million yuan. It mainly produces four kinds of products: fresh noodles, cooked noodles, frozen noodles and pasta.
Northwest export Cao company is located in the economic center of Shanghai Chinese (State Road 312), Shanghai city Jiangsu and Zhejiang entrenched economic ties in the portal hub, excellent geographical location and convenient traffic...


The company introduces Japan's advanced noodle making technology, and combines its own R & D to meet the needs of different customers. The company has every house, Kitakata, Tokaido three brands. More than 20 varieties of products, there are Japanese, Udon, Hand-Pulled Noodle, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables noodles, buckwheat noodles, beef noodles etc..
The company in order to better adapt to the market, the company set research and development, sales, feedback and improvement as a whole, has a complete and scientific quality management system....

Shanghai Heshou Food Co., Ltd.

You can find more traditional food products through the classification of data

Fresh noodles

White and bright color, soft, refreshing, elastic, nutritious and healthy, convenient and hygienic for eating.

Semi dry noodles 

Originated in Japan, is a fresh and fresh noodles between the varieties, and its water content is also between fresh noodles and dried noodles, generally controlled between 22 and 26%.

Wet noodle  

Eat when the rehydration time is short, there are bars, continuous, pure taste, high water content, the fresh taste. It is called "the fourth generation instant noodles"".

Frozen noodles 

Noodles keep their original flavor. Take the package apart and heat slightly before eating. Similarly, frozen noodles also have many kinds of seasonings and condiments, which are popular among consumers.

In traditional food to share with you our collection to make life more delicious delicacy

Udon Noodle with Mus...

1. Soak the sweet preserved vegetable in clear water, wash and dice it; 2. Soak the mushroom in warm water, wash and dice it; 3. Remo...

Cold Soba Noodles

1. Put soba noodles in the boiling water and boil it for two minutes with slow fire. 2. Put the boiled soba noodles in ice water, take...

Noodles with Soybean...

1. Dice pork, dilute the soya paste with beer, cut the cucumber into shreds and cut the carrot into slices. 2. Put meat in the hot oil...

Kitakata Soy Ramen

1. Buy a packet of two-person Kitakata Soy Ramen in the supermarket. 2. Boil the water in a large pot (about 2L for one person, about ...

Shanghai Heshou Food Co., Ltd.

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